26 Feb 2015

looks _ beautiful linen, cotton, silk and wool pieces from claudia bertini

these beautiful pieces by claudia bertini
of switzerland are meant to convey 
the concept of serenity, which they do
in my opinion.

i love the silhouettes, the beautiful
materials and the very nice photos too.

see more of this here at claudia's site.

22 Feb 2015

things _ four


1 _ photo by katja mayer for odda magazine.
2, 3 _ unknown, through thepoetryofmaterialthings.
4 _ 'everything is worthless again' by gwen cunningham
(degree collection).

20 Feb 2015

that space _ living with the past

an italian palazzo in brescia.

i love all those trompe l'oeil frescoes
painted by giuseppe manfredini and giuseppe teosa
in 1808, and i love the rest of the artworks too,
apparently gathered from all over the world.

this warm color scheme is beautiful too,
which i think is really important in a space stuffed
with relics from the past, otherwise it might easily get
frigid, unwelcoming.

decorated by studio peregalli
(roberto peregalli and laura sartori rimini)

photography by vincent leroux for ad magazine france.


íme egy szép itáliai palazzo bresciából.

tetszenek nagyon a trompe l'oeil freskók,
amelyeket, ha minden igaz, 1808-ban festett 
giuseppe manfredini and giuseppe teosa.

tetszik ez a meleg színvilág is. szerintem nagyon fontos
a megfelelő színválasztás egy efféle helynél, amely tele van
a múlt "tanúival", ellenkező esetben könnyen
rideggé, idegenné válhat a tér.

linkek fent.


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