23 Apr 2014

a little this and that

1 _ unknown, via danfess.
2 _ mosaic floor, almost 2000 years old, in herculaneum, italy.
photo by phault on flickr. (image cropped)

21 Apr 2014

and i quote _ from paul rand

a really good quote from paul rand.

it's not that one should copy other people's stuff,
but much rather that one should
simply do their stuff without the concerns
of creating something truly original, something
groundbreaking, something that hasn't been
seen before.

on the other hand, when you do
your work, possibly every day,
then, i think that after a good while
you are bound to create original,
maybe even groundbreaking stuff
that hasn't been seen before...

what's your point on this?

(poster design created and comment added

24 Mar 2014

photography _ thinking in shapes and forms

 i love quilted stuff!!!

images from an editorial that i liked a lot.

i really love it when a photographer
is thinking shapes and forms.
the result is usually something
very artistic.

rowena xi kang was photographed by
hunter ryan for the editorial
shirokuro at the online magazine drop.

see the rest of the pics and all other credits

needed, indeed _ good vibes

23 Mar 2014

a little this and that _ art superimposed

i find this concept quite interesting.
visually, i especially love the upper one.

second row _ works by lauren spencer king.

necklaces that i like

some very nice necklaces
made of silver, brass, copper and gold.
by emma price

via artblart.

20 Mar 2014

furniture _ two pieces

1 _ nóize chair designed by estudio guto requena of brazil.
by max lamb and hidetaka wakashima.

19 Mar 2014

decor _ black-and-white graphic patterns look good in any home

the contemporary kind.
from matchbook magazine, via sf girl by bay.

 the moroccan inspired kind.

the retro kind.
an awesome sunken lounge from australian house and garden, 1975

the handmade kind.
john derian's home, via pinterest.

the minimal kind.
bathroom photo and styling by anette nilsson.

oh, and can you see, how gudy had included those b/w graphic
swatches in this photo of stuff she's preparing for
a workshop she's about to hold in barcelona.

find more info about her upcoming
interieur style and trend workshop